I am continually delighted with the amazing people in our world. What beauty they create, their

capacity for love, their talents, generosity and kindness.  I see how important we all are and believe

every person plays a significant role in the world and is here to make a contribution. The contribution they

are here to make, regardless of its nature or size, is essential to the well-being of our world.   

"Maureen is a laser cloaked in a velvet glove. She combines keen

insight with an almost zen-like style that makes her a joy to

work with. Her knowledge of how people grow and develop is second

only to her sense of humor and warm personality."

.... Barbara Roche, Executive Director, Regional Education & Business Alliance, Boston, MA

My purpose is to help people remove obstacles to standing in the way of their ability to bring their unique contribution into the world. As a coach I’ve come to realize how people truly have the ability to 

achieve what they want. I also see how often we are blind –sided by obstacles of all sorts. 

Obstacles! To me they are simply waiting there ready to be revealed and eliminated.  ​


​         My Coaching

         I like to get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible and 

         while doing so I believe I do use that "laser with a velvet glove"

         method as described in the quote above by Client Barbara Roche.

         I always do so with the utmost care and respect. I hold my clients

         accountable on their commitments and do push when it's needed.

         My intuition is pretty solid and I use it to move clients ahead so

         they can reach their goals as soon as possible. I love to share the

         happiness my clients feel when they get what they came for! That

         happiness they feel is the best!

         My client's achievements include: Creating thriving businesses and practices

  • Selling businesses and starting new ones
  • Elegantly separating from unhelpful people
  • Establishing financial freedom 
  • Developing leadership skills resulting in success at work 
  • Becoming successful at marketing and organizational growth
  • Discovering and implementing tools for productivity
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Learning effective sales techniques
  • Reducing stress at home and work
  • Discovering how to be a successful parent with a career
  • Developing better relationships with others
  • Identifying life purpose and using it as the path to success


  • My Background

         I began coaching in 1999. Prior to that I had a successful executive career

         in Sales and Marketing in the Card Division at American Express based in

         headquarters in New York City. I traveled extensively and during one business

         trip to England met my future husband Daniel. He also worked for Amex based 
         in Paris where he was born. We married two years later and I left Manhattan

         for Paris where I opened a gift shop specializing in gourmet gift baskets. We

         moved to England several years later and there I created a Consulting and

        Training business which I transformed to Coaching and Training when I 

        discovered the amazing results that arise from coaching. 
         My interests include travelling, my rose garden, fine dining, gourmet cooking,

        entertaining, black-tie events, writing, decorating, design, opera, good movies

        and reading a really good thriller.
        My husband Daniel and I regularly participate in fund raising events for non-profit

        organizations. I use my decorating and design skills for event decor and Daniel his

        building skills. Daniel is my love and my heart and my best friend. I am grateful to

        him every day for loving me and having him to love.  
        I have a BA in English from Long Island University, Brookville, NY and an M.Dip in

        International Trade Law from the American University, Paris. I've lived and worked

        in Europe and England and am originally from Garden City, New York and New York,

        NY. We currently reside in Connecticut. 




About Me