Step one; Current status assessment 
Step two: Getting clear on desired outcomes

Step three: Identify requirements to achieve outcomes
Step four: coaching on actions to achieve results

My intention is to deliver the best coaching I am able to provide for my clients so they are well and happily prepared to achieve what they most desire. If a client is not satisfied with our work together the fee will be refunded. Specific details on this will be supplied before a decision is made to work together. 

I am flexible when it comes to scheduling/rescheduling appointments. Details on that and payment options will be provided.

A coaching option to achieve amazing results for your organization, business and/or lifep

Commitment and Guarantee​

Fee and Time Investment​

Overview of ARC-1 .

Working Together :   Option ARC-1 



Specific content depends on the current status of the

business, organization or project and what is needed to move in the direction desired.   

Amazing Results Coaching (ARC-1) for Entrepreneurs. Self-Employed Professionals and Heads of Projects​​

It is helpful to plan on working together for a minimum of three months. Each person is unique and an individual's situation best determines time frames.  

We can discuss the fee when we speak. It includes three 45 minute coaching appointments by phone, email support in between and any assessments used to facilitate progress. There is no contract and the duration of working together can be shortened or increased.